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Kat Webb: "A Better Picture"

"It's a real a treat to come across a singer that has the richness of vocal quality to compare to the talents of Desree and Corinne Bailey Rae, and even greater to discover that this artist has songwriting skills to match!"

by Mark Edwards of Global Radio


Kat Webb: A Welcome Change

"Following on from the groundwork laid out in ‘An Old Soul’, this album ["A Better Picture"] builds expertly on that foundation and expands it even further with a swathe of everything glorious 90s-esque r&b and sweet summer soul thrown in to the mix."

by Imran Mirza of The Blue-in-Green Blog


Kat Webb - "A Better Picture"

"Nice new acoustic independent Soul album from singer/songwriter Kat Webb featuring live musicians including Jesse Fischer on keys,Christian Ver Halen on Guitar and Lakecia Benjamin on Sax with Kendra Ross adding some great backing vocals."

by Soul Brother Records


Music Monday - 12/17/12

"["Waver"] is my favorite cut – her voice sounds so comfortable surrounded by the instrumentation of this song.."

by Trina of


Kat Webb – A Better Picture

"The tasty “Slow It Down” brings out the serene quality of Webb’s voice, but it’s the smouldering, smooth and slow brewing “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout You,” that is by far the standout cut. A mellow, finger snapping, pining affair, its mournful and broodingly soulful alto sax slow-burns to the hypnotic and sexually covetous chants that has Webb rolling in the musical afterglow."

by Garry Morgan of


Vids: Kat Webb – Waver

"There’s "something about Neo-Soul songstress Kat Webb that resonates deep within my soul. Her silky voice makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Her music is sort of a 90’s throwback and brings back the luster that’s obviously missing from mainstream R&B today. Her new video, “Waver” from her album A Better Picture is a solid offering with plenty of sensuality."



Neo Soul Queens

"...what a lovely lady, with a nice clean sound...One of my favorite songs is “Keep on”, with the brilliant Camp Lo touch in it."

by Liquid Entertainment


Kat Webb: A Better Picture

"Old school name dropping can start with Anita Baker, certainly as smooth and calming, but not as broad and deep. Contemporary comparisons could be made with Corinne Bailey Rae, although Kat Webb's voice stays at a higher pitch than these others. These pointed differences are a good thing. Any artist needs their own distinct sound. "

by Bluebird of Bluebird Reviews


Bounce-worthy: Kat Webb

"One listen to debut single, "Waver," and how Webb's rich n' syrupy vocals cascade over an acoustic backdrop, it is crystal clear that she has her heartstrings in her homestead. Acts like Dionne Farris and Des'ree come to mind when listening to Webb, making her a delicacy to indulge in as such earthy homespun soul sounds are quite scarce in this icy sparse soul-droid guise we've latched onto for the 21st century."

by Audio Diva of


Kat Webb "A Better Picture"

Kat Webb hits "The Archives" with her sophomore album release "A Better Picture". Such amazing production, superb vocals from Kat, and a live lounge feel that will get ANYONE up out of their seat and dancing!

by Traprock Archives

VIDEO: Kat Webb's "Waver"

"There’s a bit of an acoustic vibe going on in this one too, and that may remind people of artists of the past. However, once you do that, make room for her and her own way of making music into your heart, or wherever the good part of your being exists."

by John Book of This is Book's Music


Kat Webb "Waver"

New York artist Kat Webb releases her first single, "Waver" from her sophomore album, "A Better Picture". Such a stunning Frictionless sound she has. Great Artist!! hope to hear more from her in the future.

by Traprock Radio

Video: Kat Webb - "Waver"

Brooklyn based soul singer Kat Webb is gearing up to release her sophomore album, A Better Picture, and if this first single is any indication – we’ve got a hefty treat awaiting us. Her sound has got our mushy feelings turned up on high, taking us back to R&B of the late 90s. Watch the video for “Waver” above and get sentimental with us.

by Giant Step

Kat Webb: An Old Soul

"Her voice heard over a sax is like velvet on all these aforementioned tracks. For a debut album, it demonstrates that Webb can hold up her own with classics, and has the potential to break out if she branches out to original songs."

by Kara Lee of


Kat Webb | An Old Soul | Debut album 2011

New York based singer/songwriter and Austin, TX native Kat Webb just released her debut, "An Old Soul" 2011. Kat has put an album of contemporary Soul & Jazz covers together that's deeply rooted in the past. If you're a fan of people like Ella Fitzerald, Jill Scott and Marvin Gaye youll love Kat Webb, shes brought the past to the present with a classy album of grown up music. Out now..

by DJ Chris Cates of Radio Meltdown

"You have it! You have a beautiful instrument; such a unique voice. You don't sound like anyone. You need to be out there, singing. You need to be gigging!"

--Gordon Chambers (Grammy-nominated songwriter; "I Apologize" & "If You Love Me")

Kat Webb - "An Old Soul"

"The absolute highlight on An Old Soul is The Beatles Blackbird, where Webbs turns on the vocal jets, climaxed by a hypnotizing duet with saxophonist Ezra Brown."

By Peggy Oliver of


Enjoy "Can't Stop Thinkin' 'Bout You"! It's a smooth, jazzy love song from my original soul album, "A Better Picture".

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